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Bulbous Tip Rhinoplasty Table of Contents

What is a bulbous nose?

Of the various nose shapes that exist, a bulbous nose can often be identified by its distinct shape. It is most often described as being overly large, noticeably rounded, and lacking in definition. The tip is usually overly round, protrudes outwards and wider than the nose bridge. It is also characterized by a round ‘dome’ shape. A bulbous nose ranks amongst the top complaints patients have about their noses.

What causes a bulbous nose tip?

This nose shape develops most often due to the patient’s genetics. However, there are cases in which people develop this condition later on in life. Some other causes of a bulbous nose include:

  • Enlarged tip, lower lateral, cartilages
  • Weak cartilage structure
  • An excess amount of skin and soft tissue coverage
  • Excessively thick nasal skin
  • Certain medical conditions and unhealthy lifestyles

Generally speaking, men are considered to be more likely to develop bulbous noses than women.

What does a bulbous tip rhinoplasty procedure entail?

A rhinoplasty procedure is designed to refine the nasal tip, creating an improved balance between the nose and other facial features. All rhinoplasty procedures are performed using one of two techniques: the open or closed technique. Closed rhinoplasty is utilized in cases where only minor modifications to the bulbous tip need to be made, while an open procedure is employed in cases where bigger changes are needed.

Bulbous tip rhinoplasty usually involves the open technique. For patients with excessively thick nasal skin, thinning of the flesh may be performed to achieve the patient’s desired look. Excess cartilage is removed from the tip in order to create a more refined appearance. Advanced suturing techniques are then employed that give the nasal tip a thinner, delicate and more defined look. Cartilage grafts may also be employed in order to give the patient a more structured and aesthetically pleasing profile.

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