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Helping Your Child Recover from a Surgical Procedure

While most people don’t typically associate children with plastic surgery, there are certain reconstructive procedures that are frequently performed for kids. Otoplasty (ear reshaping), mole removal, scar reduction, vascular malformation removal, and rhinoplasty (nose surgery) are all surgeries that are indicated for children.

Treatment of vascular malformations (birthmarks that are growing)

A vascular malformation appears at birth, just as any birthmark does. However, it increases in size proportionately with the child, often worsening or becoming more apparent as the child grows. Vascular malformations can distort normal features of the face and neck. They can also draw unwanted attention. Outside of physical health concerns, vascular malformations can be embarrassing for children and cause bullying, impacting a child’s confidence and self-esteem. Vascular malformations, in many cases, can be addressed with LASER treatments such as the V Beam/ Pulsed Dye LASER. In other cases, vascular malformations can be removed or reduced surgically. Because vascular malformations have a large component of blood vessels, Dr. Weber will work in concert with an Interventional Radiologist prior to treating large vascular malformations with surgery. This can increase the chances of successful treatment as well as reduce the risk of the procedure.

Helping your child recover

If you’re thinking about any type of surgical procedure for your child, you might also be concerned about the recovery period and how you can help your child get through what may be a difficult time.

Children are active and love to be on the move. Even though children generally heal very quickly, they do need to rest and sit still while their body is recovering. How to get them to relax and rest--something most children don’t usually want to do?

Dr. Weber

Why choose Weber Facial Plastic Surgery?

Dr. Stephen Weber is a double board-certified Facial Plastic Surgeon with a reputation of trust and personal commitment to his patients.

In addition to running his practice, Dr. Weber travels with Outreach International, a charity devoted to providing medical care to indigent, medically isolated people worldwide. Most recently in Tanzania, Dr. Weber and the outreach team performed 59 surgical procedures and treated over 350 children and adults in the clinic setting. Dr. Weber repaired facial cleft deformities and many traumatic facial injuries, revised disabling burn scars, and removed numerous head and neck tumors.

The most memorable surgery for Dr. Weber was the repair of a four-year-old girl’s cleft lip deformity. Watching the mother look at her daughter’s repaired lip for the first time and seeing tears of joy stream down her cheeks was something he will never forget.

Dr. Weber is a doctor who can be trusted to have your child’s best interests at heart, and in whose expert, experienced hands you can place your child’s important procedure.

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